Gear up and get ready for X-treme adventure at our all new laser tag facility. It's like stepping into a virtual 3D video game. As you make your way through the foggy, black-light course there's danger around every corner, so you’ll need all your senses and quick reactions.

In Laser Tag you will compete against another team through glowing pillars, arches and passageways in a black light, fog-filled, heart-pounding, music-filled adventure. Your gear includes a light-sensitive vest and your laser weapon. Zap someone from the other team, and they are out. Get zapped by another team, and your vest will indicate that YOU are out. But that's not gonna happen, right? Either way, last team standing wins the round.

FORM TEAMS: Laser Tag is a great way to build teamwork and morale for organizations of all kinds including businesses, clubs and non-profits.

PLAY SOLO: Don't have enough for a team? No worries. Ask an X-Treme Lazer Team Member about joining in and you can be assigned to a team.

Please Note: All combatants must be at least 48 inches tall to play the laser tag game.